The start of a new collection…


I always love the first day of the start of a new collection.  Keeps me up at night not knowing if I will continue to be inspired and creative enough to evolve my line.  I always hope to get bigger, better and more interesting if that makes sense.  Improving my quality and craftsmanship is constantly a concern of mine as well, as I am only as good as my last object created.  Honing in on my market and the demands for functional, yet beautiful objects is definitely helping.  So, for all my fans, please feel free to communicate with me regarding your likes and dislikes.  Today I am starting  a collection of oversized trays made with my lace from France.  They look great on an ottoman and are very functional and lovely.  The constant rain today is a huge help.  I jump with every bang and roar of the lightning, creating some unexpected welcomed mistakes in the design of my pieces. Always hand made, each one has a story  and is one of a kind.  XO Tovari… Everything Good and Beautiful.