Lace platters in memory of a beloved one

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When my friend and clients Lori  lost her mom this year, I thought it would be nice to make her something in remembrance of her mom.  She told me her mom had some lace and it would be nice if I could use it.  So, I decided to make her a git of some platters with the two pieces of lace she gave me.  I must admit, she gave me this lace a few months ago.  It has taken me until today to start on the project because I know how meaningful these will be to Lori.  I could not decide what to do, and really lacked a vision until today.  I hope these fire beautifully for her.  She has requested them to be painted blue to match other trays I have made for her.  I love projects like this, I find it very rewarding and I tend to create great work when I create from this place in my heart.  I just adore Lori and hope I will create something that will represent her beautiful  memories of her mom.  Look for pictures to come as the process moves to the next step.  XoXo Tovari   Everything Good and Beautiful