Coming soon… Large and medium bowls to match my serve ware.

IMG_2079 IMG_2076 IMG_2063

Work in progress… Tovari’s new place settings are almost complete! Large and medium bowls will be available soon.  Also look for the variety of colors my new 2015 line will be available in.  If you do not already know, I love to cook.  I designed these plates and bowls to be oversized.  The plates in particular do not have the round cut out in the middle, allowing for a flat surface area with a slight organic turn up on the ends for function.  The flat plate was something I experience in my fine dining adventures  all throughout Europe.  I love, love, love the functionality of them and the look.  I do not use any molds or  templetes, so each plate and bowl is slightly different in shape.  I can’t wait to share my new color combinations that it will be available in.  As always, custom orders are welcome.  What colors would look great in your dining room? XoXo Tracy  Tovari Designs, Everything Good and Beautiful…