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Tracy Gurdian

Tracy Gurdian

Tracy’s style is contemporary, unusual, eclectic and timeless. She has combined her love of dance by choreographing on her pottery as she would her dances. Her flower vessels and objects are free-flowing with movement, texture, asymmetry, and grace. The use of lace as texture and design is Tracy’s signature style. Tracy Gurdian received her B.A. in Fine Arts from The University of South Florida where she studied dance and art. An accomplished dancer and choreographer, her artistry now manifests itself in each piece of hand-built one of a kind vessel. Tracy has been creating with clay since 1997. She studied for 10 years before she felt ready to present her work to the public. Tracy is passionate about continuing the Japanese firing tradition of Raku. The often random outcome of firing Raku creates excitement and sometimes disappointment for her. The effect that nature plays on Raku and the beauty of the process makes every firing unique and exhilarating. Her love of flowers and shells are evident in her one of a kind flower vessels. Each vessel is created like the flowers they hold, everyone is different and unique. Tracy studies Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging. The flowers she uses inspires many of the shapes of her vessels.  Her latest body of work is inspired from her recent travel to Bruges,Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal. Vintage handmade lace from these countries were used on the pottery as texture and influence. Another influence in Tracy’s designs is her passion and love of architecture. Shapes you might find in Architect Frank Gehry and Antoni Gaudi’s buildings are emulated in her work. Particularly the asymmetry and leaning qualities you might see in Frank Gehry’s buildings and free-form curves common to Gaudi’s style. Tracy created Tovari Designs out of her passion for unique, hand-made one of a kind objects. She likes to collect objects that no one else has. She wanted to bring this concept to the commercial industry by creating one of kind functional and decorative objects that are not mass produced or molded. She designs and creates all her work from her beach home studio in Naples Florida. Most of her objects are inspired by the shells she finds on her beach during her daily walk and flowers from her garden.

The visceral impact art can have on one is my driving force. It gives me great pleasure to stimulate an emotion from someone viewing my work. Whether it is an uncomfortable feeling from viewing an asymmetrical piece, or intrigue from moody colors and textures on my airbrushed melted glass eccentricities, I consider provoking an emotion a success. I will always stay true to my organic style and create a sense of movement to each piece…just as a dancer gracefully performs to music.

Bergdorf Goodman New York

Gumps SanFrancisco

Tovari for Kravet/ Curated Kravet   New York

Judith Liegeois designs Naples, Fl

Republic of Decor Naples, Fl

Numerous commissioned work for private residencies

Fundraisers / Charities

  • Harry Chapin Food bank empty bowls silent auction
  • Naples Philharmonic Incognito
  • Ikebana International
  • The Naples Philharmonic 2013 Artist Studio Tour
  • Tracy is also a member of The Ikebana International Naples Chapter