About Us


Tovari Designs is operated by the artist Tracy Gurdian. Tracy designs all her work from her beach home studio in Naples, Florida. She works with designers, galleries, luxury stores, and directly with clientele to create custom made pieces.  Tovari Designs creates luxury hand crafted and painted, functional and decorative objects for those seeking unique and eclectic wares.  Tovari Designs products are handmade and sculpted from slab.  No molds are used in this labor intensive process, making every piece different and one of a kind. The highest quality glazes and clay are used to ensure the highest quality result.  Each piece goes thru multiple firings to achieve the desired effect.  Tovari Designs signature look includes: unusual asymmetrical shapes, depth  and flow from color, and use of vintage intricate lace as texture.  Every piece is created to invoke the feeling of movement and will become a statement piece that will make any house a home or any business an intimate space. The word Tova is Hebrew for “Good” or “Beautiful”.  The name Tovari is a combination of Tracy’s two beautiful children Tova and Ari. She believes they are her best work of art.

Tovari Designs, Everything Good and Beautiful…


Bergdorf Goodman NY

Curated Kravet NY

Gumps SanFrancisco

Judith Liegeois Naples

Republic of Decor Naples

Various commissions for private residences